The world became dreary and pointless when CNET Radio went off the air a few months ago. True geeks can get a fix by signing up to receive daily downloads of 25 minute newscasts, served up in mp3 format for listening on the computer, portable devices, or anything else that will play an mp3. (I burn them onto CDRs, listen once, and throw them away. CDRs are cheap!)

Rob Black had a wildly addictive afternoon show devoted to investing and the stock market – fast-paced, packed with information, delivered in a unique and listenable style. He wasn’t trying to sell a particular point of view or investment strategy, just deliver common sense advice for evaluating stocks and making smart decisions.

On June 16, he’ll be back on the air – and his show will be hosted on Santa Rosa’s KSRO 1350AM, Monday-Friday from 2-3p.m. There may also be a streaming version available any time online. It’s good listening – highly recommended.

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