Most Internet providers and web hosting companies have installed spam blocking software that can be turned on for your e-mail. The ISP software is likely to be conservative about blocking mail, to avoid complaints that legitimate messages were blocked. But it helps – when I turned on XO’s new software, my incoming spam messages dropped from 200 per day down to 80 per day. IHateSpam takes care of about 95% of the rest, leaving a manageable inbox.

This is not trivial. You’ll have to understand how to set up the ISP’s software, and you’ll have to check the blocked messages at first to see if you’re missing anything. Frequently that means compiling a list of senders that should be allowed through – newsletters, listservs, etc.

If you have a Sonic e-mail address, go to the Sonic member options page and read about their spam software. (Log in with your user name and password.)

If your web site is hosted by XO Communications, go to their account administration page and click on the left on My E-Mail Settings. (Log in with your complete e-mail address and password.)

I have links to customer support pages for a few other ISPs on this page. If you can help make that page more complete, let me know!

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