Yet another virus making the rounds today, and it must be really efficient at sending new copies of itself – I’ve gotten more than two dozen messages today carrying the virus, and a couple of clients reported being flooded with them as well. Here’s an article with information about the new SoBig virus, as well as the latest reports on the MSBLASTER worm and its variants.

There’s no surprises about the new virus, by the way. It’s an e-mail message with an attachment that will be blocked by Microsoft Outlook 2002, and by Outlook 2000 with Service Pack 2. It will be caught by your antivirus program if your virus definitions are up to date. It won’t do anything if you don’t click on the file attachment. The name shown as the “sender” isn’t really the sender of the message, and if somebody tells you they got it from you, it probably didn’t come from you. Subject lines are random, but popular ones are “Re: My Details” and “Wicked Screensaver.”

This is old news. If you get caught by this virus, you’ll be embarrassed and your friends will make fun of you.

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