This has nothing to do with technology, but these statistics are too extraordinary to miss.

Kaiser Permanente shed its poor reputation decades ago and is now well known for the high quality of its health care. The National Committee on Quality Assurance recently singled out Kaiser Permanente Northern California in its annual report, and noted these astonishing accomplishments:

”Health care professionals at Kaiser Permanente Northern California (KPNC) have accomplished something remarkable: they have reduced death from heart disease among KPNC’s 3 million members so significantly that it is no longer the leading cause of death in this population, though it remains so in the general population.”

“Adjusting for age and gender, death from heart disease is more than 30 percent lower in KPNC population than in the non-KPNC population in California.”

“The mortality rates from heart attacks (treated) at KPNC hospitals are up to 50 percent lower than at similar hospitals across the state.”

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