From the “Interesting Things To Know” Department:

According to a post on the Adobe forums, the latest version of Adobe Photoshop has the built-in ability to detect that an image is of American currency and prevent you from opening the file. Apparently it will also do this with Euro notes. Reportedly the latest version of Paint Shop Pro has the same restriction.

Over on Slashdot, people are trading stories about color photocopiers – apparently some or all of them also have a currency detector that prevents copying currency. In addition to not printing a usable copy, it can also set a flag inside the copier; eventually the copier will shut down until you call for service. The field tech is required to ask for a sample of the item that was being copied before entering the reactivation code, and the service provider is then required to file a report with the feds.

It’s hard to argue with this – it’s a benign restriction for a good reason. But this is an interesting world. Will your next photo editing program refuse to edit pictures that include a copyrighted logo? Or whatever else the copyright police can think up? Hmm . . .

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