I’ve recently discovered “TV Media” on the Add-Remove Programs list of several computers. It’s just the usual adware, installed on a computer to generate popups popups popups. Like many of the other adware/spyware programs, it doesn’t damage computers on purpose; the people responsible for it don’t intend to be malicious and they love their mothers. Instead their software damages computers because the people who wrote it are morons writing crappy software.

“TV Media” gets a special nod today from Microsoft because it can interfere with the installation of Windows XP Service Pack 2, potentially leaving a computer unusable and caught in endless rebooting. There’s a Microsoft Knowledge Base article and a new Critical Update to help avoid that problem. Here’s an article about the issue.

In general, observe the precaution on my Service Pack 2 support page. If there’s any possibility that your system has any viruses or adware on it, resolve those problems before you install Windows XP Service Pack 2!

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