Broadband Internet access by satellite has been available for years, but it’s never been very appealing. Only the truly desperate signed up with Hughes – horrible speeds, frequent outages, and nonexistent tech support made for a lot of frustrated users.

Last year Wildblue came into the field with newer satellites based on different technology and satellite broadband became a more appealing option. There’s still a lag that is difficult to get used to, but the experience is miles ahead of a dialup connection. There are many people in rural areas with no other options.

Now AT&T has announced that it is pumping money into a partnership with WildBlue. That helps ensure WildBlue will remain solvent for a while. It’s still not going to be anybody’s first choice, but if you’re not within range of DSL or cable broadband, it’s worth considering a satellite connection. Here’s the AT&T / WildBlue web site.

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