If you’re an AOL subscriber, you must have a masochistic streak. Or perhaps a very long memory and nostalgia for the years when AOL software made things easier to do online, instead of the buggy, bloated, advertising-laden mess that it’s become. In a bold move, the company is now putting even more advertising onscreen in a desperate attempt to save the company from complete irrelevance. It won’t help.

AOL is allowing anyone to use its software and services for free, and has slashed the price on dialup accounts to $9.95/month. Here’s the AOL page with info about the new pricing.

Current subscribers may have to ask for a reduction in their monthly bill! It’s not clear that AOL is doing it automatically. If you’re currently paying AOL $26/month, then follow up and make sure your bill is reduced.

Of course, given the problems with their software, isn’t it time to give up AOL completely? I know, you’d have to give up your AOL e-mail address. Do yourself a favor and find the strength!

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