Timeslips has updated its web site with information about Vista compatibility – or more accurately, lack of compatibility. Other vendors are working out their Vista issues; Timeslips is beginning to stand out like a sore thumb.

The company reports firmly that Timeslips 2006 and earlier versions won’t work with Vista. Okay, lots of software makers are in that position. (Is it true, or is it an inducement to upgrade? Hmm.)

But some good news: “The Timeslips 2007 products will install and run on Microsoft Vista.” Great!

There are just a few, teensy, insignificant qualifications to that.

  • There’s a list of twenty-eight identified issues, including some apocryphal items like “Text on buttons and checkboxes may disappear.” At the bottom the company notes that it has no intention of fixing any of these problems.
  • The company will not provide any support for anyone using the program on Vista.

Timeslips’ reputation has suffered on several occasions when it released buggy upgrades and let customer support slip. Now it’s thumbing its nose at anyone buying a new computer for the next six or eight months, which seems like an open invitation to Lexis/Nexis to keep pushing its Time Matters/Billing Matters software and taking over even more of the market.

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