Here’s a blog item that we can all sympathize with, written by a Microsoft employee.

“Why can’t it ‘just work’?…

“(subtitled – Isn’t technology supposed to be making our lives easier? Simpler? Less complicated?)

“I hear that all the time – why can’t it just work? I say it all the time – why can’t it just work?

“… I am growing increasingly frustrated with the complexity of technology and how difficult it is to get what should be ultra simple things to work properly and consistently in today’s world. I can write a letter to my cable company, the airlines, the hotel Internet provider expressing my frustrations above, but unless a few thousand other people do as well, not much will come of it. I work for Microsoft though. I should be empowered to effect change within this company and in the products and technologies we provide to……everyone.

“It should just work.”

His examples are drawn from the real world – digital cameras that turn themselves off, a crashing XBox 360 – but of course we feel it every day that we use a computer, as we wrestle with Windows and software and devices that just don’t work.

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