The hype for the iPhone is building to a fever pitch, leading up to the release on June 29. There’s a twenty-minute guided tour at Apple’s iPhone web site with a lot of useful information about features and the iPhone’s look and feel.

I’m still skeptical about a number of things and the guided tour slides right by some possible shortcomings – and AT&T’s cell phone coverage is so poor in Sonoma County that I don’t expect to see it often up here anyway.

But there’s no getting around it: the demo is very, very impressive. Go take a look!

Things to watch out for, courtesy of Engadget:

“The keyboard was simply described as “disappointing.” Keyboarding with two thumbs often registers multiple key presses (two or three at a time) resulting in a lot of mistakes. The best way to type is with a single finger (as shown in most of Apple’s demos), but two thumbs is supposedly very difficult. After trying it for a number of days our source gave up using their thumbs.

“The text auto-correction only works well for simple words, but doesn’t work for proper names. We can only assume this bit will get better with time as Apple fills out its predictive text dictionary.

“‘It won’t replace a BlackBerry. It’s not good for text input. It’s just not a business product.’

“The touchscreen was said to, in general, require somewhat hard presses to register input, and needs some getting used to.

“In addition to its dock, the iPhone comes packaged with a polishing cloth (the thing’s supposedly a fingerprint magnet, no surprise) and the usual smallish power adapter.”

An amusing anecdote from the world of iPhone advertising. Two virtually identical Apple ads, yet the iPhone looks significantly smaller in the more recent one. Has Apple found a way to shrink the iPhone? No, they just took the picture a second time using someone with a bigger hand.

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