If I understand the news coverage correctly, we are at the dawn of a new era in civilization. When the iPhone debuts on June 29, mankind will no longer have to work and our vision will extend into the ultraviolet and infrared light frequencies.

Super! That’s grand. Maybe it’s true and Apple will take over the planet and use its powers for good. There are, perhaps, just a few teensy details that are worth knowing before you get in line down at Cingular.

In particular, keep in mind that the iPhone won’t sync with Outlook – not for contacts, not for calendar, not for e-mail. It will sync with iTunes.

[Update 06/16: That might be wrong; I just saw one unconfirmed report that the iPhone will indeed sync contacts with Outlook or whatever other address book is used on the computer.]

As far as I know, this list of frequently asked questions and this follow-up list are still basically accurate. Worth a look before you sign up.

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