There are a remarkable number of keyboard shortcuts built into Windows and most programs. If you prefer to keep your hands on the keyboard whenever possible, you can get all the tips you need at KeyXL, which claims to be the world’s largest database of keyboard shortcuts and commands, for all operating systems and lots of applications.

There are a few Windows keyboard commands that everyone should know. Best example: You’ll be able to maneuver much more quickly if you remember that Alt-Tab switches between programs. (Hold the Alt key down while you hit Tab once to bring up the onscreen display; keep hitting Tab to cycle between programs; the highlighted program will come up onscreen when you release the Alt key.)

Vista users can hit the Windows key plus Tab to use the cool 3D display instead.

Almost every program recognizes that Ctrl-X is Cut, Ctrl-C is Copy, and Ctrl-V is Paste.

You can highlight every item on most lists by hitting Ctrl-A.

You can choose a group of items on a list by highlighting the first item, holding down Shift, and clicking on the last item. You can select items by highlighting the first item, then holding down Ctrl as you click on additional items.

The KeyXL site proves there are hundreds more like that. If you can find the ones that work for you, it can be a tremendous time-saver.

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