Adobe Flash Player is installed as an add-on to Internet Explorer on almost everyone’s computer. It’s become the ubiquitous way to display online videos from YouTube and all the other sites streaming video.

Now there’s another security flaw that has the researchers getting all excited. There are reports of bad guys setting up web sites that feed malformed strings to Adobe Flash. If you’re tricked into visiting one of those sites, your computer will immediately begin creating giant insects that will destroy the planet. Well, something like that – the details are always a little hazy about what the bad guys will accomplish if they gain access to your computer, but it’s something awful, I’m sure.

The current version of Flash, version, is apparently secure against this attack. Here’s more information from Adobe about the need to update Flash to be safe.

If you visit this page, you will be told the version of Flash installed on your computer. You can install the latest version from this page.

The update only takes a minute and does not require a restart. Please take a minute and update your Flash Player!

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