I’ll be out of the country until July 3.

Oh, stop it! Those of you who reacted with undisguised glee, just cut it out! And I know a couple of you are alarmed and are openly weeping at the thought of what your computers might do to take advantage of this unexpected opening in your defenses. Speak to them sternly and don’t let them get frisky while I’m gone.

I’ll be out of cell phone range and might not have Internet access for extended periods between June 27 and July 3.

If I can help with anything that is not an emergency, please leave phone messages and send email – if I can check for those and respond, I will.

If something very bad happens and needs immediate attention, please call my trusted colleague Mikel Cook at (707) 827-1524 or (707) 484-5581 (cell).

I’m going to recycle a few old news posts next week. (I probably won’t be able to change the tab at the top of the Favorites page but check over here anyway.)

Thanks for your continued loyalty and friendship!

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