ActiveSync is the technology from Microsoft that connects a mobile device to Exchange Server. For businesses running Small Business Server, it is ActiveSync that makes a Windows Mobile-based device so compelling – over the air syncing of Outlook mail, calendar & contacts.

Apple licensed ActiveSync for the new generation of iPhone, making it more appealing for businesses.

Blackberry devices don’t run ActiveSync and cannot connect to an Exchange Server directly. That’s why I’ve written frequently about the difficulty of setting up a Blackberry in offices running Small Business Server.

This web site announces a third party plugin for Blackberry devices that uses ActiveSync to sync with Exchange Servers, claiming it will be available this month.

That would be great! It’s been overdue for a long time.

Will it work? Is this company for real? Will it suck the battery dry like ActiveSync does on the iPhone? Will it void the warranty on the Blackberry? Stay tuned. No one knows.

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