Here’s a tip about Microsoft Outlook that I discovered by accident.

A common problem – you’d like to send an email to a friend with a number of photos attached. If you send the photos straight from the camera, the files are too large. Typical photos from a digital camera are 1.5-2.5Mb each, too big for an email attachment. Attach two or three or more and your message is likely not to be delivered, blocked by filters for oversized mail on your company mail server or your ISP’s outgoing mail server or the recipient’s incoming mail server or mail program.

There are many workarounds to resize the image for easy sharing. The photos can be shared online, or they can be resized by one of the many programs that can work with Outlook – Windows Live Photo Gallery and Photoshop Elements and many more.

There’s another way to resize the attachments in Outlook and it’s even easier. (If you don’t use Outlook for mail, this isn’t for you. Chat amongst yourselves for a few minutes.)

  • Attach the photos to the outgoing message without any regard for their original size.
  • Open the sidebar for “Attachment Options.”
    • Outlook 2003: button on the right of the attachment line.
    • Outlook 2007: little arrow under the Message / Include buttons.
  • Voila! An option to resize pictures automatically before the picture is sent. Pick a small/medium/large setting, push Send, and the message is on its way with reasonably sized attachments.

That’s great stuff! Here’s how those buttons look.


Outlook 2003 attachment options


Outlook 2007 attachment options

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