Two new sites have been added to the bruceb favorites page.

  • The Big Money is a business web site created by the editors of Slate, intended to be an authoritative source of business news combined with interesting business blogs. It will be trying to stand out from the other big business sites – Forbes, CNN Money, and the rest. Here’s a New York Times article about the new site. (Look under Finance / Markets on the favorites page.)
  • SoundUnwound is an online music encyclopedia created by Amazon and IMDB, the huge movie database. SoundUnwound starts with a lot of information and links to Amazon for purchase information and reviews, but is also open for editing by users, similar to Wikipedia. The companies hope that a community will grow up to feed information into it and make it authoritative and complete. Since that has already happened on Wikipedia, which has extraordinarily complete information about music (and roughly everything else), it’s hard to predict whether SoundUnwound will find its own niche. But it’s interesting and nicely presented, and that counts, right? Here’s some background information about SoundUnwound. (Look under Music / Artists on the favorites page.)

The bruceb favorites page is meant to include the most useful web sites, the ones that you’re looking for most of the time. If you find dead links or if you find yourself at a site that’s well known and has some general interest, I hope you’ll let me know so I can keep the page up to date. Thanks for your loyalty and support!

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