Ho hum. Another day, another batch of updates.

Microsoft released its regularly scheduled monthly updates last night. Your computer may have restarted automatically last night or it will tonight.

If you are using Live Mesh, there is an update that reportedly improves a number of features. Mesh may prompt you to install it at some point soon – I’m not sure if it’s completely automatic.

You might want to take a look at the available updates proactively. Go to the Microsoft Update page. In Windows XP, you’ll arrive at a web site where you can click the Custom button; in Vista, you’ll open up the built-in update program where you can click on View Available Updates.

In addition to any required updates, you’ll likely see some “optional” updates. Some of those are interesting! I found the Live Mesh update listed there today. If you’re on Windows XP, you might find Windows Search 4.0, a truly useful tool. Perhaps you never got around to Internet Explorer 7, which is significantly safer to use than IE6.

Be careful installing hardware updates that way. If your hardware is working, you may want to be conservative and not install an updated video driver or network card driver. I have mixed feelings about suggesting that because many of the new drivers can be a significant improvement, but installing hardware drivers through the Windows Update system does not always go smoothly and I don’t want you to blame me.

The other optional updates are likely to be safe. See if there’s anything you’re missing!

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