Google does not change its search results pages very often. Today it added a deceptively simple new “Show options” link that gives you some very deep ways to refine your searches.


When you click on “Show options,” you’ll get a variety of ways to generate different views of the search results. With a single click you can see results in chronological order and get the most recent results first, or see results only from online forums or reviews, for example. You can see pictures from the pages, or longer text excerpts, plus a number of other new options.


This sounds simple but it’s a big step forward in what we can do with Google – and for many people, it’s the interaction with Google that effectively defines much of their Internet experience. Here’s a blog entry from Google about the new search options, and here’s one of many articles about the changes.

[Note for people using bruceb favorites as their home page: click on the Google logo to be taken directly to Google’s search page, where you’ll be able to use the new search options. If you do a search directly from the bruceb favorites page you’ll get the same search results but so far I can’t find a way to display the options.]


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