HP is buying Palm. Synergy! Patents! Engineers! Vision! Innovation! New smartphones computers tablets slates operating systems! Whee!

I was idly reading stories about the deal when a sentence jumped out at me from the New York Times this morning. If this is true, it explains everything you need to know about what is happening around you and where the world is going.

“Analysts have forecast that sales of smartphones, currently about equal to the annual sales of laptops, will surpass total PC sales by 2012.”

Got that? Let me repeat it, in boldface:

  • Sales of smartphones already equal laptop sales.
  • Sales of smartphones will surpass total PC sales by 2012.

I’m looking at my new HTC Incredible this morning, trying to get a handle on just how quickly the world is changing around us. It’s pretty breathtaking. Smartphone sales are already at the level of laptop sales? Whew.

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