Just in time for the holidays, Amazon has made it easy to give a Kindle book as a gift. You can purchase a Kindle book and have it delivered to the email address associated with the recipient’s Kindle account.

Mostly that will be Kindle owners, but not exclusively. Kindles are still the preferred device for serious readers; many iPad users go back to their Kindles after discovering that reading is not very comfortable on the iPad’s overly bright, overly reflective screen. But Amazon has made Kindle libraries available on iPads, iPhones, Android phones, and PCs, with the lovely feature of syncing your last page read so you can switch from one to another seamlessly. It’s quite possible to enjoy a Kindle e-book library without owning a Kindle.

Amazon is working on a system that will let you lend Kindle books but that’s not here yet. In the meantime this might help with a few last-minute gift decisions.

I’m old-school. I still buy books. When I switch, though, which is increasingly tempting, the Kindle platform looks like the right one to commit to.

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