I updated the “What I Use” page on the web site, where I describe the hardware, software, and web services running the enormous Bruceb Consulting empire. Why in the world would you want to read that? No, wait, that’s not rhetorical, I really don’t know the answer. But there it is, just in case.

An interesting change since I started maintaining that list. The section on “Software” used to be the centerpiece. Now it’s relegated to last place, as my world (like yours) changes its focus and comes to depend on cloud services far more than any locally installed software. I haven’t purchased software in a box for years. We’ll still run Windows and Office on a local workstation for a while to come, but perhaps not as long as you might think.

Disclosure: the wonderful photo above isn’t mine, it’s just a random image stolen from here. The Bruceb Consulting office is actually spotlessly clean.

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