Microsoft & Adobe Updates - Patch Tuesday

Microsoft will deliver five run-of-the-mill security updates for Windows and Office tonight, in the regular monthly Patch Tuesday release. There’s more information about this month’s updates in Microsoft’s security bulletin here.

Close programs and save any work in progress at the end of the day. Your computer will probably restart tonight.

Also on Tuesday, Adobe is releasing updates for all recent versions of Adobe Acrobat and Reader, for Windows and Mac. Reportedly the updates address a number of issues but we won’t know until Wednesday whether they fix the bugs introduced in the Acrobat 9.4.5 update.

The primary issue addressed by the Acrobat update stems from a hacked Dutch certificate authority. Adobe did its best to explain the very arcane issue; you will be happy to know that Adobe is “in discussions with the Dutch government about the status of the DigiNotar intermediate certificates under the ‘Staat der Nederlanden’ roots, which are included in the AATL.” Well, thank goodness.

If you are prompted to install Adobe updates in the next couple of days, you should go ahead and install them. Clients with my monitoring and updating software will have them installed automatically in the next few days.

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