Windows Update - Patch Tuesday

Microsoft and Adobe made sure your computer stayed busy this week, with a particularly large crop of patches and security updates. Your computer has probably already restarted at least once and probably could use another restart to make sure everything has settled down.

Microsoft’s regular Patch Tuesday included a long list of updates covering 57 different vulnerabilities, including some that security researchers believe the bad guys might start targeting in the next month or so. There are more details here.

Meanwhile, Adobe rushed out an emergency patch for zero-day vulnerabilities in Adobe Flash last week, then followed it up with another patch this week for all versions of Flash on Windows and Mac OS. It was accompanied by a patch for Shockwave Player, which is less frequently used now but continues to be installed on many computers. There is more information here about the recent Adobe updates.

If you’re a subscriber to Bruceb Remote Management, your computers may have restarted in the morning, since a restart is required to finish the installation of many of these patches. Sorry for the inconvenience! Keeping up to date on patches is a sad fact of our computing lives now.

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