There’s a new little icon in the lower right corner of the screen for Bruceb Remote Management subscribers.

Most of my clients’ computers are running the Bruceb Remote Management service, which silently monitors them to make sure things run troublefree. Desktop and laptop computers are kept up to date with the latest patches for Windows and Office plus dozens of other utilities and programs – and staying up to date has become the single most important thing you can do to be safe online. You can find out more about Bruceb Remote Management here. If you have a computer that isn’t being monitored, let me know! The service is worthwhile for home and office computers, laptops and desktop computers, servers and workstations.

The monitoring service also helps me support you. I get alerts when things need attention – a server goes offline, a hard drive fills up, a patch isn’t installed correctly, and a lot more. The agent also lets me connect remotely to look over your shoulder when you need help.

Now there’s an icon in the lower right corner that might come in handy. Look for the little “b”.


Click on the icon and you’ll get a menu with some support options.

—  The Bruceb Consulting phone number

—  The name of your computer

—  A single click to create an email to me

—  A single click to create an email with a screenshot of your desktop. Use it whenever there’s an onscreen message you want to ask about.

—  Links to the Bruceb Favorites and Bruceb News pages


Not bad, eh? As always, I hope there’s no reason to use it because all your technology is working perfectly – but maybe it will come in handy on the off chance that something goes wrong.

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