Bruceb Backup Pro - maximum protection, fast recovery

I’m pleased to announce that Bruceb Backup Pro is now available for small offices that want maximum protection and fast crisis recovery.

All of the details are now available online on brand new web pages. Well, actually it’s all just a lightly-modified rewrite of the article I wrote about Bruceb Backup Pro last month, but it’s laid out nicely with lots of white space and the front page has pictures that look very high-tech, so that’s good, right?

Bruceb Backup Pro is a combination of two different backup programs, plus the hardware and resources to provide complete protection.

•  ShadowProtect Server Edition – onsite backups of your entire server by the best backup software on the market, stored on a secure network device provided as part of the service. The ShadowProtect backups are replicated offline to secure storage at Bruceb Consulting Global Headquarters.

•  Bruceb Cloud Backup – cloud backups of your data to secure Amazon S3 global servers.

Bruceb Backup Pro is supported by Bruce Berls and Mike Cook. We will have the resources you need in a crisis, including a specially prepared server that can step in and serve temporarily as a replacement if your server fails.

Pricing is set out on this page. I won’t repeat it here because the price has been known to cause tears and fainting, but there are a few things I want you to have in mind.

•  The price is high because it includes licenses and equipment that cost real money. This is what it costs to step up to the next level of protection for the most important piece of technology in your office.

•  The package has been designed carefully with parts that interlock with each other. There’s nothing that can be removed to make it cheaper without compromising the whole package.

•  I’ve been doing this a long time and I have a lot of experience, and I want you to trust me: this package is not gold-plated and it is not overkill. It provides a higher level of protection and better recovery options than you have now, and it does it at an affordable price.

•  The alternatives are all more expensive and less effective.

•  You’re probably using the free Windows Server Backup program and storing backups on a hundred dollar external hard drive. You can keep doing that. I’ll support you. But you’re at far higher risk of failed backups, money spent trying to get the backups to work correctly, the cost of replacement backup drives (which seem to fail regularly in this setup), and most importantly, you’re at risk of having a really disappointing experience if your server fails. Which, need I say it, will always be at the worst possible time.

We’ll be contacting clients in the next few months to discuss Bruceb Backup Pro. Feel free to call if I haven’t contacted you yet. This is a winner.

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