TL;DR Too long. Didn't Read. Suitable for mugs, t-shirts, Xmas ornaments, tattoos, etc.

Too Long. Didn’t Read.

You’ve seen it in Bruceb News articles. If you’re over 35, you probably thought it was a mistake. Au contrariwise! I don’t make mistakes. Sometimes, though, I slip into dope slang lingo because I’m so damn hip.

Wikipedia’s definition:

Too long; didn’t read (abbreviated TL;DR and tl;dr) is a shorthand notation indicating that a passage appears too long to invest the time to digest it. The tl;dr label is often used to point out a short summary in case the reader doesn’t want to take the time to read the entire detail, i.e. the article is too long and won’t otherwise be read.”

I use TL;DR when I write a summary of specific steps to solve a problem. I put the TL;DR summary at the beginning because I love you and respect your time and mostly I don’t trust you to scroll down and find it at the end.

It comes across differently if you dismiss something you’ve skimmed online by saying “TL;DR” in a comment. That’s what gives rise to the alternate definition of TL;DR.

TL;DR Too long. Didn't read. Definition.

“Frequently used acronym by lazy, ignorant people in Internet forums, where their urge to type something exceeds their ability to read something or if they generally lack semantic ability to either comprehend or respond to a post due to an underdeveloped brain.”

I know you’ll never describe my articles with TL;DR because all of you have overdeveloped brains, not to mention being very handsome, or beautiful, or both.

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