Here’s an article about rumors that Gateway is receiving unsolicited takeover bids. Gateway’s public stance is that it has no interest in being acquired, but there’s no way to know what’s going on out of public view.

As the article explains, two other well-known names are surviving in the computer industry by finding niches that allow them to avoid Dell’s dominance. MicronPC was acquired last year and virtually abandoned the consumer market, instead focusing on government agencies and schools – and it’s making money. And Emachines was acquired by one of its directors and continues to make low-price systems, but with a new business model: stores get Emachine computers at lowball prices, but the stores have to keep whatever they order. The stores are more conservative when they order – that’s why the stores aren’t flooded with Emachines any more – but Emachines doesn’t build up excess inventory, and it’s making money.

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