You can take a peek at one of the experiments by the New York Times as it tries to deliver an online experience that is as satisfying as holding a newspaper in your hands. The “article skimmer” is a work in progress, not a finished product. It presents a single screen overview of a number of articles, so your eye can browse just as it would on the printed page.

Use the space bar to go down a section, or use the arrow keys to go up and down, with sections scrolling into place neatly to create the visual effect of a long scroll of paper. Hold the “s” key down and numbers will appear that take you straight to different sections of the paper. Hold the “a” key down and the same numbers will take you straight to particular articles.

At the moment, the links lead to the normal web presentation of the NY Times, with long pages that require scrolling and have too much clutter and ads. I can imagine them putting the articles in the same format, creating an online version of the stupendous New York Times Reader.

Here’s background information about the article skimmer. Take a look!


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