Two recent announcements.


The New York Times officially added “Times Skimmer” to its family of web sites, with an attractive interface for browsing through news stories without scrolling. Here’s the announcement, and here’s more information about Times Skimmer. Make sure you’re also familiar with the standalone New York Times Reader, an even better way to read the news on a computer.

Google rolled out a minor change to its home page, adding an effect that initially displays an almost bare page with a search box. The other menus and links will fade in when you move the mouse. It’s a pretty subtle effect but Google design diva Marissa Mayer is terribly excited about it. Here’s the official announcement. The screens below show the home page before and after the fade-in. As I wrote recently, there may be more changes to Google’s home page and search results in the next few months.


If bruceb favorites is your home page, make a note – you can reach the Google and Bing home pages by clicking on their logos.


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