Previously: Google Spam

Although there had been many articles about the declining quality of Google search results in the last few weeks, Google finally issued its first official response within eight hours after my post last night. Coincidence? Well, I report, you decide, let’s leave it at that.

Google’s response comes from Matt Cutts, Principal Google Engineer, on Google’s official blog. it’s interesting reading. Boiled down to its essence, he says:

  • This isn’t a big problem. Google search results are the best they’ve ever been. It’s all a big misperception.
  • We’re fixing it anyway.

He describes, in typically vague Google fashion, a few different areas that Google is trying to get under control: “spam on individual web pages, e.g., repeated spammy words—the sort of phrases you tend to see in junky, automated, self-promoting blog comments”; and actions to demote content farms delivering low-level or non-original content.

So there you have it. There’s no problem, so Google is fixing it. All clear! Or not.

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