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I’m going to mention one third-party program, but with the caveat that I haven’t used it myself. Xmarks earned a loyal following after its introduction in 2006 but in September 2010 the company announced that it was closing due to lack of funds.

After an outcry a savior swooped in, set the company on a firm financial footing, and promised to give it a bright future.

Interestingly, it was LastPass that came in as the savior and bought Xmarks in December. The LastPass team is currently offering Xmarks separately from LastPass (with a bit of a discount for buying premium subscriptions for both), but it is examining ways to integrate the two programs into a single unified product.

Xmarks claims to be able to do some really interesting things.

  • It syncs bookmarks and favorites across all of your browsers – IE9, Chrome, Firefox, and Safari – on all your computers.
  • The premium version syncs bookmarks and favorites to all your mobile devices – iPhone and iPad, Android devices, Blackberry phones, and more.

That’s ambitious. If you use more than one browser, LastPass has probably already taught you the value of information that is available to all of the browsers on all your computers. Syncing to mobile devices will likely be a fast-changing landscape; at the moment, Google has nothing to sync bookmarks with Android phones, and there are a variety of ways to get bookmarks to iPhones and iPads but none of them are very elegant. A single solution – if it works – is pretty appealing.

Happy syncing!

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