Bruceb Remote Management - monitoring & updates

Your brush with danger from the weekend Java vulnerability ought to help you appreciate the importance of staying up to date on all the programs targeted by malware: Windows, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Java, Flash, Adobe Acrobat & Reader, and the other programs that are under attack by the bad guys.

Bruceb Remote Management is an inexpensive addition to your computer’s protective shield. A small software agent on your home and office computers and laptops will install timely updates for all the important utilities on your computers, silently and automatically. It’s not the only thing that the Bruceb Remote Management service does, but it’s the most valuable by far.

Frequent updates have become a fact of our computer lives. The bad guys have learned many ways to work around your antivirus software. It’s still important – it just can’t do the whole job. If you’re running programs that do not have the latest security updates, you’re at risk. You can reduce that risk by subscribing to Bruceb Remote Management.

Many of my clients protect their office computers with Bruceb Remote Management. For less than four dollars per month, they get patches and updates after I approve them for distribution. Java 7 Update 11, the patch released by Oracle to plug the recent hole, is being installed on the computers of Bruceb Remote Management subscribers on Tuesday night. They’re safe. Are you?

It takes less than five minutes to sign up and install the software. Drop me a note or give me a call and I’ll take care of installing the agent. It’s just as important for your home computers as your office computer – maybe even more important, because you’re more likely to be clicking wildly on dodgy links at home, right?

You get much more than patches and updates when you sign up for Bruceb Remote Management. Go read about it – and then give me a call and get your computers protected!

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