My loyal clients know that I haven’t taken a vacation in more than four years, due to my fanatical devotion to their best interests. I simply couldn’t stand the risk that something would need my attention if I was unavailable for even a few hours. No, no, no need to thank me – I guess that’s why I’m the highest-paid and best-loved computer consultant in the western United States.

Possibly not all of the western states.

I suppose if you were going to quibble, it would be more accurate to say that I’m the most-skilled computer technician in my immediate family, but let’s not get caught up in details now, shall we?

Andrew has graduated from high school and is leaving in a couple of months for UC Santa Barbara’s Engineering school to major in Computer Science. Nate has finished his first year of high school more or less at the top of his class. Life is good and we’re off to celebrate.

I will be traveling from June 17 to June 30. During much of that time I will be completely inaccessible.

On June 21, we’ll fly to Banff, where phone service will be very difficult to come by and Internet access for email will be erratic at best.

From June 23rd to June 27th, we will be at Mount Assiniboine Lodge, where we will be completely cut off from the outside world. For a few days I will be even more useless to you than usual.

I have trained all of you well. Think of this as your apprenticeship. I know you’re going to make me very proud.

If you need immediate help and can’t reach me, please give my trusted colleague Mike Cook a call at (707) 827-1524. I’ll leave information in his hands about my regular clients so he can help in the event of an emergency.

Please keep your technology under control while I’m gone. Have a nice quiet couple of weeks so I can come back with a clear conscience. Thanks for your continued loyalty and support!

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