I am excited to announce a new service for all my clients – patching and updating your workstations.

Bruceb Consulting Monitoring will review and install updates to Windows, Office, Firefox, Java, Flash, Adobe Reader, and other important programs and utilities – automatically and silently.

I will review the updates that are necessary for you to be safe online, and I’ll install them on your computers.

There’s a monthly charge for my monitoring service. It’s a small price to pay for two important reasons:

  • SECURITY You’ll be at less risk from malware delivered by poisoned web sites, because browser add-ins like Java and Flash will be up to date on your computer.
  • PEACE OF MIND You won’t be bothered by popup windows and balloons about updates. The nonstop barrage of Java update notices will disappear.

When my monitoring software is installed on each of your servers and workstations, I will perform all these services for you:

Server and workstation monitoring – alerting me to potential issues affecting data storage, hacker attacks, and your overall network health.

Antivirus and backup monitoring – 24×7 feedback to make sure backups are performed on schedule and security software is always up to date.

Patches and updates – review and installation of updates to Java, Flash, Adobe Reader, and other important programs and utilities, delivered automatically.

Remote support – fast and effective support with a minimum of fuss.

I’ll be sending messages to clients that are already subscribing to my monitoring service, detailing the changes. If you want to be covered, drop me a note and I’ll set you up. This can be done for one computer or for a business with twenty computers.

Let me know if I can answer any questions!

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