Is Your Computer Slowing Down?

Is Your Computer Slowing Down?

I think our computers are slowing down. I can’t prove it. I don’t have any benchmarks. But I have a long memory of other versions of Windows that slowed down as the years went by. Windows 10 is engineered to prevent that from happening, but I get the same vibe from...

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Amazon Web Services

Amazon is a diverse company. Its financial reports do not break down its revenues into detailed categories but it’s obvious that it has a vast retailing presence in media,...

Emergency Flash Update

It was another busy week for updating your computers. Microsoft released updates for Windows, Office, Silverlight and .NET Framework on its regular monthly schedule. Adobe was...

Office 365 And Spam

TAKEAWAY Office 365 delivers all incoming messages to your mailbox. It does not hold messages in a spam quarantine. [05/09/12 Update below] DETAILS Microsoft does thorough spam...